The Gazette - May 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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4th BCA Email Tournament

Our 4th email tournament has just concluded. From a controlling point of view, it ran much more smoothly than its predecessor, and this was due, in no small measure, to the tweaking of the rules initiated by the chairman of the Tournament Sub-committee, Steve Burnell. The 3 month deadline for the completion of the tournament and the 10 days thinking time allowance for every 20 moves, certainly kept the players focussed. The present rules look like a very good blueprint for future email tournaments.

There were 16 participants in our latest event, and they were divided into 4 divisions with 4 players in each. Unfortunately, Division 4 ended up with only 3 players, as Iki Nahaboo had to withdraw for family reasons. Division 1 ended up in deadlock as all 6 games were drawn, a testament to the similarity of their grades. Derek Heyes was the clearcut winner of Division 2 with full points, and Voldi Gailans was a very worthy winner of an extremely hard fought Division 3. Denis Warren, joining us for the first time, won his two games to collect the Division 4 title.

Philip and I would like to thank the players for their co-operation, and we would encourage more people to take part in any future email tournaments. They are not as stressful as over the board events, and can lead to some very enjoyable conversations. Looking forward to our next tournament, and hoping to see a few extra people taking part.

Eamonn Casey and Philip Doyle


Division 1, Burnell, Chambers, Doyle, Hilton, all 6 games drawn. 1.5 points each.

Division 2: Lovell beat Thacker, Heyes beat Casey, Thacker lost to Casey, Lovell lost to Heyes, Heyes beat Thacker, Casey drew with Lovell.

Heyes 3, Casey and Lovell 1.5, Thacker 0.

Division 3: Meaney beat Borg, Gailans drew with Carroll, Borg drew with Carroll, Meaney lost to Gailans, Gailans beat Borg, Carroll beat Meaney.

Gailans 2.5, Carroll 2, Meaney 1, Borg 0.5.

Division 4: Smith lost to Josebashvili, Josebashvili lost to Warren, Warren beat Smith.

Warren 2, Josebashvili 1, Smith 0.