The Gazette - August 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.


In June I attended the BCA Chairman’s Cup in Bournemouth where I had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. One afternoon I slipped away to the beach where I met up with a pal from my university days. Together with her partner and their two young children we set about building a magnificent sandcastle! Our creation evolved into an edifice some 1.5 metres in diameter, topped off with turrets and surrounded by a moat with a channel leading down to the sea. We added decorative features using shells and pushed the boundaries of sandcastle technology by incorporating a bridge across the moat. There was just one problem; the moat was dry! We dug the channel ever deeper until our arms ached and our knees were red and raw from kneeling on sand but the sea water just wasn’t filling it up so that it could supply the moat. To our dismay we realised that the tide had turned. Undeterred, we hurried to the water’s edge and built a modest castle with a shallow moat that filled up in no time. The children were delighted and the adults relieved! The afternoon served as a reminder to me that grand and complex plans are doomed if executed at the wrong moment whereas a simple and direct approach can be very effective when timed just right. Surely this holds true for sandcastle construction and chess alike!

A report on the Chairman’s Cup will appear in the November gazette, partly because there hasn’t been time to write a full account of the event in time for this issue, but also because there are already lots of goodies in these pages. You can read about our teams in the National Club Championship and our members who participated in a prestigious congress in memory of our late champion, Colin Crouch. There are also reports on annual events such as the BCA Junior Championship and the trip to Haaksbergen. In addition to an account of the May committee meeting and all the usual contributions from committee officers, there is an important article by our Chairman which describes a change to the ways in which moves may be recorded at BCA tournaments. The committee asks all members who play in over the board events to take careful note of this item.

Our Secretary has now moved house and we wish him all the best in his new abode. You will find his new address and telephone number in the list of officers. The Braille version of the May gazette contained an incorrect telephone number for Guy and at least one member that I know of was inconvenienced by this. We have received an apology from the RNIB and measures are in place to try to avoid a recurrence.

Kindly send me your articles for the November issue by the end of September.

Julie Leonard