The Gazette - August 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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On Thursday, 14th of April, a small but enthusiastic party met at Liverpool Street station for the annual visit to Haaksbergen. The group consisted of, Jim Cuthbert, Mike Murphy, Gary Wicket and myself (Norman Andrews). Thanks to Mike's efficiency the journey went smoothly. Travel disasters are not infrequent and they make good reading, but are nevertheless best avoided. The ferry crossing was smooth and the cabins clean and comfortable.

On Friday we travelled by train to Hengelo, where we were met by our host families. We were taken to their respective homes, where we were treated, as usual, to their kindness and hospitality. For forty two years now, the people of Haaksbergen have hosted chess players from European nations for the annual chess congress, and I am sure that many BCA members have happy memories of their visits.

The chess began on Saturday with two rounds being played. Players were divided into groups of four of approximately equal strength and each one played the other three in the group. The final round took place on Sunday morning. Gary, on his first visit to Haaksbergen, scored two and a half points and won a small bird table and a jar of bird peanut butter, as did Jim with two points. Mike and I fared less well with half a point between us.

The rest of Sunday was spent with our host families, and, on Monday, after a leisurely morning, we were taken to the station for our journey back to the ferry. The crossing was, once again, calm and comfortable. On Tuesday morning we took the train to Liverpool Street, where, after a first class breakfast, we went our separate ways. It was a most enjoyable time, enhanced by the friendliness of the people we encountered. I would recommend Haaksbergen to anyone.

Norman Andrews