The Gazette - August 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

This report had been written before anybody heard about the tragic death of Steve Brown. There will be very few players who haven’t played Steve at some time over the many years he has participated in our correspondence tournaments and even fewer who have beaten him. The BCA has lost a much loved and valued member.

Let me thank Norman, who very kindly held the fort to allow me time to catch up with writing to the huge influx of new members and prepare for my additional role as Correspondence Chess Director, or ‘CCD’.

Many will let out a great sigh of relief to hear that I won’t have the time to write the elaborate nonsense that peppered my reports when I was formerly CCD. However, I still see one of my main challenges is to inspire as many people as possible to get involved with correspondence chess, as numbers are sadly down to a record low, with many of the divisions and groups having just four players. This will obviously affect promotions and relegations but I will speak more about that in the November issue.

Correspondence Chess is a fantastic hobby, not only is it a nice relaxing way of enjoying chess but I have made and cemented some great friendships through getting involved and have even had the odd win! If you want to find out more please do not hesitate to contact me. All committee contact details are at the front of the Gazette. Well without further ado let us turn to those all-important scores.


Premier – Group Leader Mark Hague

No results to report but let me echo Norman’s congratulations to Les who is the undisputed BCA Correspondence Champion. Second place is yet to be determined. It is between Alec and Ernie and will depend on the result of the final game in the group which is Ernie’s game with Les.

Scores: Les Whittle 4/4, Alec Crombie 3/5, Ernie McElroy 2.5/4, Guy Whitehouse 2.5/5, Mark Hague 2/5, David Mears 0/5 defaulting all remaining Premier games.

Group A – Group Leader Denis Warren

All games in Group A have now concluded. Let me echo Norman’s congratulations to Steve Brown who wins the group on a perfect score and promotion to the Premier.

Final Scores: Steve Brown 4/4, Denis Warren 3/4, Eric Gallacher 2/4, Jim Cuthbert 1/4, Derek Couchman defaulted all his games.

Group B – Group Leader Eleanor Tew

Patching 0 – 1 Cohn Irregular 30.

Phillips 1 – 0 Patching English 25.

George only needs a draw in his final game with Hans to be outright winner of the group. However, if Hans beats George then it will be an interesting finish, as not only will Hans, George and Mike all end up on four points, it will go right down to the last tie-break (number of games with black pieces) and Hans will be the winner having been thrice black. The only other remaining game is the battle for fourth place between Eleanor and Geoff.

Scores: George Phillips 4/4, Mike Hague 4/5, Hans Cohn 3/4, Geoff Patching 1/4, Eleanor Tew 1/4, Steve Hilton defaulted all games.

BCA LEAGUE 2016/17

Division 1 – Group Leader Norman Wragg

Crombie 1 – 0 Mark Hague Sicilian 23.

Scores: Alec Crombie 1.5/2, Mark Hague 1/2, Derek Heyes 0.5/2, Steve Brown 0/0, Ernie McElroy 0/0.

Division 2 – Group Leader Denis Warren

Warren 0-1 Mike Hague GP 26.

Due to a breakdown in communication, it was assumed that Mike McGuigan had joined the tournament. Mike is unable to play this time round but hopes to join the ranks again sometime in the future.

Scores: Mike Hague 1/1, Denis Warren 0/1, David Mears 0/0, Geoff Patching 0/0.

Division 3 – Group Leader Jim Cuthbert

Cuthbert 0 – 1 Gailans English 36.

Gailans 1 – 0 Gallacher Nimzo-larsen 30.

Tew 0 – 1 Gailans QP irregular 24.

Congratulations go to Voldi who wins Division 3 and promotion to Division 2 with a perfect score and in record time! Sadly, Iki Nahaboo and Arthur Greatrex have had to pull out of the tournament. As they hadn’t started any of their games I will just keep the results to the four current players.

Scores: Voldi Gailans 3/3, Jim Cuthbert 0/1, Eric Gallacher 0/1, Eleanor Tew 0/1.


John Osborne 0 – 1 Denis Warren unknown 26.

Gary Wickett 0 – 1 Denis Warren Scotch Gambit declined 29.

Denis is obviously proving to be a bit handy with the black pieces!

Leading Scores: Denis Warren 10, Roger Bishop 8, Jim Cuthbert and Gary Wickett 7, Stan Lightowler 5.

If you fancy a friendly game or two, in the words of Norman, please don’t hesitate to contact Denis, our very friendly Friendly Games Coordinator, whose contact details can be found at the front of the Gazette in the Non Committee section. Friendly games are good fun and a great way to meet and interact with members. So go on, pick up that phone, tap on that tablet, leap on that laptop or whatever your preferred means of contact may be and get in touch with Denis or myself.

Gary Wickett