The Gazette - August 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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E-Chess News

February-April 2016 World Chess Parlor Tournament:

Jim Slagle of the USA runs regular international Skype tournaments via the World Chess Parlor. Eighteen players, including two BCA members, took part in the event this spring. Congratulations to Paul Benson for finishing in first place having won all five of his games. Dan Rugman also competed and finished seventh.

5th BCA Email Tournament:

Eamonn Casey and Philip Doyle are running another of their successful and popular email tournaments!

Eamonn writes: There are 20 participants on this occasion, four up on last time. We have divided these into four divisions of five players based on BCA grades, performance in previous email tournaments where applicable, and where possible, incorporated promotion and relegation. We have allocated colours, and as we have five players in each division, all players should have two whites and two blacks. Because of the increased entry, and particularly due to the welcome inclusion of two very strong players at the top of division 1, it has not been possible to facilitate promotion and relegation as heretofore.

Division 1: Rod McDonald, Peter Gibbs, Colin Chambers, Steve Burnell, Derek Heyes.

Division 2: Stephen Hilton, Philip Doyle, Stan Lovell, Randy Kruzeniski, Eamonn Casey.

Division 3: Hans Cohn, Guy Whitehouse, Steve Thacker, Voldi Gailans, John Carroll.

Division 4: Michael Meaney, Denis Warren, Eli Josebashvili, Gill Smith, Tony Lawton.

Play started on 8th July and games will be completed by Friday 7th October.