The Gazette - August 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Annual Best Game Prize

As a result of an initiative by associate member and coach, Owen Phillips, we will be holding an annual best game competition in memory of David Hodgkins. Owen has already purchased a pink diamond crystal paperweight which will be awarded to the winner each year and he has kindly agreed to act as judge the first year. The competition is open to all UK members and associate members and covers over the board and correspondence games which must have been played in a BCA event or for a BCA team during the previous year.

The aim will be to consider games at all levels in the BCA, whatever the grade of the players. One of the features that will be important to Owen is something special in the game such as an interesting combination or a nice finish. The context of the game could also be important: for example, it could be a critical final round game or a game in which a lower graded player wins against a much stronger player without the latter making a blunder.

Please send your games by the end of December this year to any committee member in the format of your choice. Incidentally, any games published in the Gazette that meet the qualifying conditions will automatically be included in the competition.

Norman Wragg