Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2017

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Obituary – Stefi Cohn

Stefi Cohn passed away on 17th January, five days after her 89th birthday. Her husband, Hans, was with her at the end. Hans was BCA Secretary from 1965 to 1980 and Stefi was one of the team of active volunteers during that time and for many years afterwards. She also accompanied Hans on all his trips abroad as a member of the BCA Olympiad team or the IBCA Executive from 1964 until she lost her sight in the early 1990s. Highlights included the 2nd Olympiad in 1964 in what was then East Germany, where she helped the British and Irish participants to choose meals which had to be booked one day in advance. She also worked as a communicator with German speakers at the 3rd Olympiad in Weymouth in 1968 and the Individual IBCA World Championship, which was held in Hastings in 1982 to mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the BCA. At home she recorded a BCF quarterly on tape for many years.

Stefi was an Honorary Member of the BCA in recognition of all the work she did for us. The association is greatly indebted to her. Rest in peace, Stefi.