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The Gazette - February 2018

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

The three Divisions of the BCA League 2018-19 have started with a modest increase of participants over the previous cycle. If I were an incumbent politician there would be an opportunity to claim this is down to my being the new C.C. Director. This shall be declined as if future numbers drop then the blame will also come my way.


Premier - Group Leader Les Whittle

No update.

Scores: Alec Crombie 3-3, Les Whittle 1-2, Ernie McElroy 0-0, George Phillips 0-1, Mike Hague 0-2.

Challenger Group A - Group Leader Denis Warren

Greatrex 0 - 1 Gallacher, 27.

Final scores: Denis Warren 3.5-4, Guy Whitehouse 3.5, Eric Gallacher 2, Voldi Gailans 1, Arthur Greatrex 0.

This group has finished with joint winners defeating all in their way while drawing with each other. Congratulations to Denis Warren and Guy Whitehouse who will now look forward to testing themselves in the Premier section starting 2019.

Challenger Group B - Group Leader Gary Wickett

Cuthbert 1 - 0 Tew, French Defence, 46.

Patching 0 - 1 Cuthbert, 18.

Scores: Derek Heyes 3-3, Gary Wickett 2-3, Jim Cuthbert 2-4, Geoff Patching 0-1, Eleanor Tew 0-3.

BCA LEAGUE 2018-19

Division 1 - Group Leader Guy Whitehouse

List of participants: Alec Crombie, Mark Hague, Mike Hague, Ernie McElroy.

Division 2 - Group Leader Voldi Gailans

List of participants: Voldi Gailans, Derek Heyes, Geoff Patching, Denis Warren.

Division 3 - Group Leader George Phillips

List of participants: Jim Cuthbert, Eric Gallacher, Arthur Greatrex, George Phillips, Eleanor Tew, Guy Whitehouse.


Personal circumstances have led to Denis Warren no longer being able to offer his services to organising correspondence chess. Anyone wishing to play a friendly game on the Ladder should now contact myself, details as shown in list of Officers. Congratulations to Gary Wickett on leading the table when it closed for the year. As happens to all champions, his score is reduced to zero and the battle to fight to the top starts over again.

Final ladder scores as at 31st December 2017:

9 Gary Wickett; 8 Roger Bishop; 7 Jim Cuthbert; 5 Stan Lightowler; 4 Mark Hague, Dorothy Hodges, Stan Lovell, Eleanor Tew; 3 Ernie McElroy, Geoff Patching, Lea Ryan, Les Whittle; 2 Lionel Bryant, Derek Couchman, Jason Pearce, Ann Saunders; 1 Christopher Huby, Bill Tatum, Denis Warren.

In closing, to those about to start a game: Break a peg!

Paul Benson