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The Gazette - February 2018

Edited by Julie Leonard
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7th BCA Email Tournament

The remaining games in the 7th BCA Email Tournament were completed in late October, with the final four results from Division 2 being as follows:

Cohn lost to Casey

Cohn lost to Heyes

Kruzeniski beat Cohn

Lovell beat Cohn

In the final game of Division 1, Steve Burnell lost to Peter Gibbs, meaning that Peter won the tournament with a 100% score! Event organisers, Eamonn Casey and Philip Doyle, presented the trophy to Peter in person at our Autumn Tournament in Solihull, to great applause. Members also took the opportunity to thank Eamonn and Philip for all the work that they do to keep these tournaments running so smoothly.

Final scores:

Division 1: Peter Gibbs 3, Colin Chambers 1.5, Philip Doyle 1, Steve Burnell 0.5.

Division 2: Stan Lovell 3.5, Derek Heyes and Randy Kruzeniski 2.5, Eamonn Casey 1.5, Hans Cohn 0.

Division 3: Voldi Gailans and Michael Meaney 2.5, Denis Warren 1, Steve Thacker 0.

Division 4: Tony Lawton 3, Gill Smith 2, Anthony Borg and Bill Tatum 0.5.

The 8th BCA Email Tournament is due to start in the spring. Watch out for an announcement on the user group!