Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - February 2018

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Membership Secretary’s Report

This report will be very brief as I've been battling with IT problems and minute writing duties! Regarding IT problems just to say that out of 3 computer data copies I keep on 3 external drives, one drive completely failed, one partially failed and mercifully my third external drive still functions normally. The drives that failed were about 6 year old Freecom drives. So readers please be aware that old computer drives of this age certainly do fail so do keep multiple data backups if you have precious data. On this theme I do remember a very humorous quote I heard from an IT consultant, that is there are only 2 types of computer drives; one type of drive that has failed and one type of drive that is going to fail! As for storing data on solid state memory I've witnessed quite a few memory cards and USB sticks that have just given up the ghost for no apparent reason. I do know that some people do store their data in what is called the cloud which is managed remotely by a storage company which could actually be the safest option in the long term but can of course incur some extra expenses.

Anyway, as regards membership matters, I am delighted to have 3 new visually impaired members join our organisation.

Firstly, a friendly couple, Tony and Irene Elbourn. They have joined for 5 years and they are hoping to attend one of our tournaments in 2018.

We have also had a new life member join from Zambia, Lukwesa Matapo Kalumba, who plans to join chess email competitions and is active on chess email lists. He would be delighted to correspond with other BCA members by email.

Mark Hague