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The Gazette - August 2019

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10th BCA Email Tournament

Our 10th email tournament came to a conclusion in May. Fittingly, the last game to finish was the decisive game in Division 1 between the two outstanding players over our first 10 tournaments, Peter Gibbs and Rod MacDonald. On this occasion Rod achieved the victory in a very exciting game. Division 2 resulted in victory for Steve Burnell who had a half point to spare over Philip Doyle in a very hard-fought duel. For the second tournament in a row, Gill Smith won her division on count back. Once again, she won because she had two blacks, whereas her rival Steve Thacker had two whites. Division 4 ended up in clear-cut victory for Tony Elbourn who had a full point to spare over his rivals.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all those who took part in our latest event, and helped to make it a very enjoyable and friendly tournament. We would also encourage those who have not yet participated, to give it a go. We would hope to have our next tournament in September.

Philip Doyle and Eamonn Casey

Final Results

Division 1:

Rod MacDonald 3 out of 3; Peter Gibbs 2; Bill Armstrong and Colin Chambers 0.5

Division 2:

Steve Burnell 3.5 out of 4; Philip Doyle 3; Stan Lovell 2.5; Eamonn Casey 1; Voldi Gailans 0

Division 3:

Gill Smith and Steve Thacker both 2.5 out of 3; Tony Lawton 1; Anthony Borg 0

Division 4:

Tony Elbourn 3 out of 3; Ednun Pourtahmasbi 2; Rebecca Blaevoet 1; Edward Green 0