The Gazette - February 2020

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Call for Haaksbergen 2020

This year's Haaksbergen tournament will take place over the weekend of 25th - 26th April. Normally we allow a couple of days travel time either side of that because we've used the ferry from Harwich, but if anyone interested in going wants to make their own travel arrangements that's fine as long as they let me know.

I'd encourage people to give this tournament a try; you get to stay with host families, play some chess, enjoy some entertainment and go out for a meal on the Sunday evening with your host families. It's the most relaxed of the chess events that I've been on. Maybe some people who have been in the past might like to consider going again and renewing some old acquaintances?

The committee has agreed a £75 subsidy for those who wish to attend. Please get in touch with me immediately if you would like to go.

Guy Whitehouse