The Gazette - May 2020

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Windermere Chess Theme Break 2020 Poem

Joan has penned another of her excellent poems!

Here we are again at Windermere

The weather is not good I fear

Rain and sunshine, sunshine and rain

Dark clouds appear, it’s wet again.

Tanvi and Gary are usually quiet!

Not known for causing a riot

At the manor on arriving soon

Began to vandalise the room.

Monday Hawkshead. It stopped raining

So with everyone no complaining

But in the car park they got wet through

It rained and hailed, so what’s new.

Barbara and Julie saw a shop they could not miss

They wouldn’t send a dog out on a day like this

No dog so they sent Colin out instead

Who stood singing “Raindrops keep falling on my head!”

Celia’s quiz, had she forgot

Brains of Britain we are not!

Those questions, did she ever

Think that we were all that clever.

Tuesday Grasmere, then sail to Ambleside

Then Peter (not our Peter) Antoine’s guide

Told us facts that were so handy

Then coffee, chocolate, rum and brandy.

Bingo was a lot of fun

Quite a lot of people won

Twice with Antoine, he was ecstatic

And whose reaction was quite dramatic!

Wednesday Hayes and heaven knows

Where Tanvi puts all her clothes.

Instead of one jumper she got three!

It is a mystery to me.

In Keswick Thuy was mystified

At getting lost despite a guide.

How come I heard? I didn’t go.

I have my spies, that’s how I know!

The soirée was so very good you see

Then I knew it always would be

Music and poetry second to none

A really good night when all’s said and done.

Joan lost her key, she was quite frantic

The staff were searching in a panic

Joan cried ‘Help me someone, please’

Norman was on his hands and knees.

Back up to her room, did she lock it?

Then they turned up in Julie’s pocket!

Julie said “Who put them there?

I really was not aware”. (I don’t believe her.)

Despite that Julie is so good

Helped anyone when she could

Besides editing the magazines

She does so much behind the scenes.

Oh dear what a “to do”

Richard and Martyn couldn’t go to the loo

Martyn supports him and Richard plays chess

Then they were not flushed with success

But back to chess, that’s why we’re here

Congratulations Mark, champion this year.

But whether you lose or win

Well done to all for joining in.

So Peter and Celia are calling it a day

And running a rest home for the BCA.

Maurice too in the partnership

Running outings at tuppence per person per trip.

Thanks Peter and Celia for all you’ve done.

Over the years, it’s been such fun,

Not just organising chess

But coping with us lot must cause stress.

So put your feet up but not too high.

We’ll see you much more in the by and by

Thanks again for all you do

Peter and Celia, here’s to you!

But we’ll all meet again

Don’t know where, don’t know when

We’ll meet again sone sunny (or rainy) day

Keeping alive theme break and BCA!