The Gazette - May 2020

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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With members far and wide staying at home to help prevent the spread of the virus and perhaps feeling a little trapped, Gerry Walsh has taken the initiative and been delighting members of the new user group with daily examples of chess opening traps! He has kindly sent in a couple of them exclusively for the gazette so that everyone can enjoy them. They incorporate the added challenge of being written in English Descriptive notation!

Game 1 Ruy Lopez

1. P-K4 P-K4 2. N-KB3 N-QB3 3. B-N5 P-QR3 4. B-R4 N-B3

5. O-O P-Q3 More usual is 5. … NxP or 5. … B-K2 the latter leading to close positions.

6. R-K1 P-QN4 7. B-N3 N-QR4

8. P-Q4 PxP Carelessly permitting a stronger attack. More prudent is 8. … NxB 9. RPxN N-Q2, 10. PxP NxP.

So with White to play the king file can be opened with disastrous results for Black. How many moves can you foresee of the winning combination?

9. P-K5 PxP 10. NxKP With the immediate threat of winning Black’s queen by discovered check.

10. … B-K3 11. NxP KxN Black must accept the knight.

12. BxBch K-N3 If 12. … K-K1, 13. B-Q5ch wins at least the exchange.

13. Q-Q3ch N-K5 After 13. … K-R4 the win is forced by 14. Q-R3ch and Q-B5 is mate.

14. QxNch K-B3 15. Q-R4ch K-N3 16. Q-N4ch K-B3 17. Q-N5 Mate.

Game 2 Ruy Lopez

1. P-K4 P-K4 2. N- KB3 N-QB3 3. B-N5 P-QR3 4. B-R4 N-B3 5. O-O NxP 6. P-Q4 P-QN4 7. B-N3 P-Q4

8. PxP B-K3 9. P-B3 B-K2 10. R-K1 O-O 11. N-Q4 NxKP

12. NxB The correct line is 12. P-B3 B-Q3, 13. PxN B-KN5, which leads to a complicated game with Black having a strong attack for the sacrificed pawn.

12. … PxN 13. P-B3 White expects to win a piece but he forgets the danger to his king. It looks as though White will win one of the knights, fortunately for Black there is a counter-thrust which turns the tables neatly.

13. … B-B4ch 14. B-K3

There is nothing better. If 14. K-B1 (14. K-R1 allows 14. … N-B7ch) Q-R5, 15. Q(or R)-K2 N-N6ch, 16. PxN Q-R8 is mate. Nor does 14. K-B1 Q-R5, 15. Q-B2 NxKBP 16. PxN RxPch, followed by 17. … R-B7ch yield any better results, for White’s game is torn to shreds.

14. … Q-N4 15. BxB NxPch 16. QxN If 16. K-R1 N-N6ch, 17. PxN Q-R4 mate.

16. … RxQ and Black wins