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Solution to February Puzzle Selected by Chris

February Puzzle

Serafimovic 2018

FEN: 1N1b1r2/3R1PB1/4k1P1/4N2R/8/1n2n3/6b1/5QK1

White king g1, queen f1, rooks d7 & h5, bishop g7, knights b8 & e5, pawns g6 & f7

Black king e6, rook f8, bishops d8 & g2, knights b3 and e3

White to play and mate in two.

Solution:1. Nf3A: 1. … Bg5 2. Nxg5#

B: 1. … Bf6 2. Qa6#

C: 1. … Ng4 or Nc4 2. Qc4#

D: 1. … other black moves 2. Re5#

Chris Ross

Editor’s note: After many years of selecting puzzles for the gazette, Chris has decided to make this his last one. On behalf of us all, I would like to thank Chris for being such a regular contributor to the gazette.

Another of our former champions, Graham “Gray” Lilley has kindly taken on the task of providing brainteasers to baffle and bewilder! See the very next article for this quarter’s conundrum.