The Gazette - May 2020

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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A Note from our Chairman

We are all going through extremely difficult and worrying times with the coronavirus pandemic. It was very disappointing that we had to postpone the AGM weekend and the Chairman’s Cup. Similarly, on the international front, the Six Nations tournament, the Haaksbergen tournament and the IBCA European Individual Championship have all been cancelled or postponed. Our next BCA tournament is the Autumn one which has been scheduled for the end of October this year at the Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate.

A consequence of cancelling the AGM is that we were unable to appoint the new committee. Chris Ross had stood down from his committee post of website coordinator. We would like to thank Chris for all his work in this role over the years. The plan was that Dan Rugman would be standing for the post of website coordinator at the AGM but of course this has not been possible. As a result, Dan will be the acting website coordinator. Dan has also said that he is also happy to continue in his current role of publicity officer. He makes the valid point that there is a great deal of overlap between the two posts and he would aim to enable others to update the website, thereby reducing the work load of the website coordinator. The rest of the committee members will also continue in their current posts until things can be properly resolved.

We look forward to happier times when the pandemic is behind us. In the meantime, I hope you and your families and friends all keep safe and well.

Norman Wragg