The Gazette - May 2020

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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How Owen “Mucked Up”!

I had almost eight minutes to play my move so shouldn't have fallen for the idea of centralisation of my g Rook. After everything I’ve relayed to BCA pupils about concentrating on checks and attacking moves first!

You’ve guessed it! I played 37... Rd8. After all, where could that Bishop go?

Well of course I was met with the immediate riposte: 38. Rxd4 and now I am completely lost because I cannot get rid of his killer Bishop and Rook combining! I resigned.

Yet the simple 37..NxBg3+ would have resulted in Rhys having to play 38. gxf3 when my planned 38. :.. Rg6+ would have been hard to meet on his increments. The most White could hope for would be a draw even after the extra 20 mins kicked in on move 40.

Ouch! Phillips never learns not to play too quickly in his opponent's time trouble!

Lesson to learn: Consider “Best Principles” but apply them in the correct order depending on the position!

It was so nearly a good result and start to Olympia! I went on to score 4/9 and finish equal 91st out of the 166 starters.