Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2020

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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RIP Mike Hague

Mike’s daughter, Julie Carter, writes:

Michael Hague, or just Mike to his friends, was born way back on January 4th 1933 into a farming family. He lived at Millburn Grange his whole life and passed away peacefully there on June 24th 2020 after a short battle with cancer.

Mike lost his sight after jumping in lime when he was 4 years old, mistaking it for a pile of sand. This was a big shock to the local community and his family. Mike lost one eye and badly injured the other. His mother was a very strong lady though and ensured Mike would have a near normal life. So the only time he was away from the farm was during his school years, firstly to Queen Alexandra’s in Birmingham before been evacuated to Wolverley and Kinlet Park and finally settling at Worcester College. Back on the farm he set himself up with a poultry unit and sold eggs for over 30 years before taking early retirement.

Chess always played a huge part in Mike’s life, learning the game from an early age and he was playing a friendly with his son-in-law only a month before his death.

Mike married Barbara in 1965 and they were married for 54 years with a son Ben and daughter Julie. The family enjoyed many Worcester reunions where old friends caught up and new friendships were also forged.

Mike loved his sport particularly cricket and would play when he could but best of all sat listening to it on the radio, even in the middle of the night when England were in Australia! He supported his local team of Coventry City through thick and thin and was over the moon that they have just been promoted back to the Championship.

A keen gardener, Mike grew large amounts of bedding plants and was famous for his tomatoes and huge pumpkins each year. Those green fingers have passed to his children who both work in horticulture.

It was lovely for the family to receive some of your memories of Mike and they thank those of you who took the time to write, especially Mark Hague as yes, it was always funny to have M Hague v M Hague.

Editor’s note: Julie contacted us via our Facebook page. When the news of Mike’s passing was announced on our user group many members who knew Mike felt moved to express condolences and share their memories. The messages were forwarded to Julie and it is these memories that she mentions at the end of her piece.

Mike’s family has kindly donated his chess sets to the BCA. He had seven, which just goes to show what an avid player he was! They are Merrick design, with prisons. Please contact me if you’d like to give one a new home.