Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2020

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RIP Ivor Wagner

Stan Lovell writes:

I first met Ivor, when he joined BCA in the 1980's. He soon became an active member of the committee, full of ideas of ways to improve our publicity and fund raising. It was Ivor who set up a series of collections at shopping centres and railway stations that raised hundreds of pounds for our association. When it became clear there was some risk to members collecting in public places, it was Ivor who persuaded us the way forward for BCA was to employ its own fund raiser. We all know what a significant step this was in the growth of BCA.

These, however, were not Ivor's only contributions to the life of BCA. He was a talented musician, and many will recall how he entertained us during the evenings of our tournaments.

Ivor was born in Cape Town, South Africa. His first day job was as a telephonist. In the evenings he used his multi musical talents playing with several Cape Town based bands. At one time he was lead guitarist with ‘The Big Beats’, a band playing Shadows type music. Then as organist with ‘Respect’, a band playing music described as, underground, psychedelic jazz. Later, now switching to the bass guitar, he teamed up with renowned jazz pianist, Tony Schilder.

In 1972 Ivor, with his young family, came to England where he studied law and became a solicitor specialising in property law. Jan and I spent many happy weekends with Ivor and Lavona, at each other’s homes, where we enjoyed music, putting the world to rights and Lavona's wonderful cooking, always accompanied by a glass or two of wine. Upon his retirement, Ivor and Lavona returned home to South Africa. Sadly, Lavona died a few years later. I last time spent with Ivor, when he and his lovely partner, Lynette, spent a few days with me at my home in Scarborough last September.

Ivor Wagner died on Monday 6th July 2020. He was a wise, multi-talented, warm hearted man, who will be mourned by many friends and his family. Our thoughts are particularly with Lynette and his son and daughter, Wayne and Janine.