The Gazette - November 2020

Edited by Julie Leonard
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A Master Game

Gerry Walsh continues to entertain members by sending daily emails to the user group. He has now moved on from opening traps to games between masters. This game, taken from 500 Master Games of Chess by Dr. S. Tartakower and J.Du Mont, has been sent in exclusively for the gazette for everyone to enjoy. It incorporates the added challenge of being written in English Descriptive notation!

White Nimzowitsch Black Tarrasch St. Petersburg 1914

1. P-Q4 P-Q4 2. N-KB3 P-QB4 3. P-B4 P-K3 4. P-K3

(One of the aspects of the Tarrasch Defence in which White reserves his decision to develop the QN at QB3 or eventually at Q2.)

4. ... N-KB3 5. B-Q3 N-B3

(He could gain a tempo by 5. ... QPxP, 6. BxP N-B3, etc but he prefers to maintain the pressure.)

6. O-O B-Q3

(More busy than 6. ... B-K2.)

7. P-QN3 O-O 8. B-N2 P-QN3

(Of little value at this stage would be 8. ... QPxP, 9. NPxP PxP 10. PxP and White's mobile centre would be a dangerous weapon.)

9. QN-Q2 B-N2 10. R-B1

(Although the QB file is important in the scheme of things, work on the K file by 10. Q-K2 with N-K5 is more pressing.)

10. ... Q-K2 11. BPxP

(If 11. QPxP, then 11. ... NPxP, with a well balanced game for Black, but not 11. ... BxP, 12. PxP NxP, 13. N-K4 etc. The most patient course is 11. Q-K2.)

11. ... KPxP 12. N-R4

(A provocative measure, comprising the loss of a pawn, in order to produce some weak points in the hostile K field. If 12. N-N5 PxP 13. PxP P-KR3, etc, or, in the quest of adventure 13. RxN BxR, 14. BxP B-K4, etc stopping his opponent's impetus.)

12. ... P-N3 13. N(R4)-B3 QR-Q1 14. PxP PxP 15. B-N5 N-K5 16. BxN BxB 17. Q-B2

(After 17. NxN PxN, 18. N-Q2 BxPch, 19. KxB Q-Q3ch, 20. K-N1 QxN, 21. QxQ RxQ, 22. RxP RxB, 23. RxB RxRP, and Black has won a pawn.)

17. ... NxN 18. NxN

(The guardian of the king's field leaves his post for a moment, assuming wrongly that 19 Q-B3 is a major threat. If 18. QxN then also 18. .... P-Q5, 19. PxP BxN, 20. PxB Q-R5 etc.)

18. ... P-Q5

(An unmasking advance.)

19. PxP

(Here 19. KR-K1 would soften but not eliminate the shock.)

19. ... BxPch

(The regulation sacrifice at KR7.)

20. KxB Q-R5ch 21. K-N1 BxP

(A complimentary sacrifice the king's field is entirely bare.)

22. P-B3

(For if 22. KxB Q-N5ch, followed by ... R-Q4 and ... R-R4 Mate.)

22. ... KR-K1

(A beautiful waiting move, cutting off the king's flight for if 22. ... Q-R8ch, 23. K-B2 Q-R7, 24. K-K1 etc, and if 22. ... Q-N6 23. N-K4.)

23. N-K4 Q-R8ch 24. K-B2 BxR 25. P-Q5

(A desperate resistance, if 25. RxB Q-R7ch, winning the queen, and if 25. N-B6ch K-B1, 26. NxR Q-N7ch etc.)

25. ... P-B4 26. Q-B3 Q-N7ch 27. K-K3 RxNch

(Mass production of sacrifices.)

28. PxR P-B5ch

(Magnificent, and leading to a beautiful mate, however there is a rigid mate in three by 28. ... Q-N6ch 29. K-Q2 Q-B7ch 30. K-Q1 Q-K7 Mate.)

29. KxP R-B1ch 30. K-K5 Q-R7ch 31. K-K6 R-K1ch 32. K-Q7 B-N4 Mate