The Gazette - November 2020

Edited by Julie Leonard
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.

ECF Ratings and Grades for BCA Members

There have been significant changes in the ECF system this year. They have moved from the three-digit grading system to a four-digit FIDE style rating. From now on, only the four-digit ratings will be used and they will be updated monthly instead of twice a year as was the case with the three-digit grades.

Many thanks to Dan Rugman for compiling the list of ECF Grades and Ratings for BCA members below. The four-digit ratings are from the October 2020 list. Three-digit grades are given in parentheses. Rapidplay ratings and grades are included for those who have them and are shown with an ‘R’ prefix. Every effort has been made to avoid errors or omissions but please do let the editor know if you spot any! Bear in mind though, that if you haven’t played a graded game in the last year you will probably not have a published rating or grade.

Andrews, Norman1645 (126)

Armstrong, Bill1750 (140)

Bailey, Steve1180 (64)

Baxter, Colin1548 (113)

Benson, Paul1930 (164)

Blencowe, Ian1623 (123)R1540 (R112)

Brown, Geoff1900 (160)R1645 (R126)

Burnell, Steve1818 (149)

Carr, Matthew1705 (134)R1644 (R126)

Casey, Eamonn1510 (108)

Chambers, Colin1578 (117)

Chambers, Duncan1668 (129)

Chapman, Gordon1488 (105)

Clayton, David1413 (95)

Cloudsdale, Peter1833 (151)R1660 (R128)

Cole, Tristram1803 (147)

Cuthbert, Jim1090 (52)

Elbourn, Irene708 (1)

Elbourn, Tony1263 (75)

Flood, Mike1015 (42)

Gailans, Voldi1285 (78)

Gibbs, Peter1960 (168)

Gordon, Phillip1510 (108)

Graff, Ben1833 (151)R1818 (R149)

Hague, Mark1323 (83)

Harrington, Richard708 (1)

Holtz, Steve1233 (71)

Jenkins, John1338 (85)

Khare, Shivank1563 (115)R1615 (R122)

Khare, Shubhransh843 (19)

Kirkham, Mark1465 (102)

Lawton, Tony1060 (48)

Lovell, Stan1615 (122)

Mabbs, DavidR1998 (R173)

McElroy, Ernie1593 (119)

Mills, David1698 (133)

Murphy, Richard1615 (122)

Osborne, John1038 (45)

Phillips, George1405 (94)

Phillips, Owen1998 (173)

Pomeroy, Ray1503 (107)R1330 (R84)

Pourtahmasbi, Ednun738 (5)

Prasath, Malola2103 (187)

Ross, Chris2283 (211)

Rugman, Dan1495 (106)

Ryan, Lea828 (17)

Shimwell, Efe1660 (128)R1555 (R114)

Smith, Gill1083 (51)

Thacker, Stephen1450 (100)

Walsh, Gerard1585 (118)

Waters, Roger1510 (108)

Whitehouse, Guy1435 (98)

Wickett, Gary1323 (83)

Willis, Graham1713 (135)

Wragg, Norman1713 (135)