The Gazette - November 2020

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Gray Matter Test

These puzzles are selected by Graham Lilley from the website, which contains many puzzles that challenge you to find a win from a position in a real game.

August 2020 Puzzle

Glenn Gaasland vs Magnus Carlsen, Norway, 2001


White: King c1, Queen c4, Rooks d1 and h1, Bishop f2, Knight g1, Pawns a3, b2, e4, f3, g2 and h2

Black: king g8, queen e6, rooks c8 and d8, bishop b7, knight d5, pawns a7, c5, f7, g7 and h6

Black to move and win.

Solution: ...Ne3 Rxd8+ Rxd8 Qe2 Rd1+

November 2020 Puzzle

Christian Aarefjord vs Magnus Carlsen, Oslo, 2001


White: King d3, Rook d7, Bishop a3, Pawns b3, c2, c4 and h4

Black: king f6, rook h2, bishop h5, pawns b6, d4 and f7

Black to move and win. The solution will appear in the February gazette.