The Gazette - November 2020

Edited by Julie Leonard
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.

A Note from our Chairman

When I wrote my August note we were gradually easing out of the lockdown restrictions and things were looking reasonably optimistic. Sadly, this trend has not continued and we now have to face the prospect of a bumpy road for the next few months!

With this in mind the committee has taken the very difficult decision to postpone the AGM weekend, scheduled to take place at the Hallmark Hotel, Derby, in March 2021. Once again, the key factors informing our decision were the risks of using public transport, the difficulties for VI people to maintain social distancing in a hotel and the fact that a significant number of regular attendees are in the vulnerable group. We also had to act before we would have incurred substantial hotel penalty costs. Another factor has been the very real risk of future local lockdown restrictions that would have made the event impossible. We have informed the hotel of our decision and will be discussing options with them, our preference being a simple one year postponement to March/April 2022.

We on the committee are very conscious of having to make difficult and perhaps controversial decisions on your behalf. Please let us have your feedback so that we can judge whether we are getting the balance right in such decision making.

The committee has decided that we will most certainly go ahead with an AGM. We will give more details in the February Gazette but, as things look at the moment, it will be an online event via Zoom or similar platform that will allow members to dial into the meeting by telephone if they prefer this to going online. In addition, members would be able to let the committee have their views in advance of the meeting by telephone or in writing. We will set out the AGM agenda in the February Gazette.

We will also aim to run a five round telephone/Skype event during the original 19/21 March weekend to replace the AGM congress. Our thoughts at present are that the AGM itself would be held during a separate weekend.

So our next scheduled over the board event is a combined British Championship and Chairman’s Cup to be held at the Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth, in June 2021. We sincerely hope that this event can go ahead as planned.

In the meantime, I hope you and your families and friends all keep safe and well during the challenging times of the winter months.

Norman Wragg