The Gazette - November 2020

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

The 45th Championship (2019-20) has finished. A big thank you to the group leaders who have shared the workload.

Entries to the 46th Championship, starting on 01 January 2021, are now being accepted, closing date 23 November 2020. Correspondence play can take place using a variety of methods, Braille, cassette, email, telephone, according to mutual agreement. For further information contact the Correspondence Chess Director, details as shown in list of Officers.

Updating the various events this time round is not possible. My main laptop with all relevant details on it is in need of repair. However the stop press section can report a very recent result in League Division 1.

Mark Hague 0 - 1 McElroy, Queen's Pawn, 29.

Anyone wishing to play a friendly game on the Ladder should contact myself, details as shown in list of Officers. Any friendly games played under correspondence conditions, such as by Braille, cassette, email, telephone, can qualify as a Friendly Ladder game. Please report such games and let your efforts be reflected in your accumulating score.

In closing, to those about to start a game: Break a peg!

Paul Benson