The Gazette - November 2020

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Coaching Reminder

As our over-the-board events for this year have been cancelled or are under review and our means of playing chess have become somewhat altered in recent months, it seems a good opportunity to remind all UK-based members about our training scheme for anyone wishing to participate. Under this scheme each member is entitled to claim £120 a year to put towards the costs of online coaching on whichever platform is mutually suitable, or by phone if preferred.

In the past few months I have had a couple of recommendations in respect of coaches willing to take part in the scheme so if anyone is interested in taking up this opportunity I would be happy to hear from them. For the purposes of the scheme, the coaching year runs from 1st October to 30th September. Members can, of course, arrange to pay for extra lessons once their allocation has run out.

The financial help is offered specifically for coaching and not for provision of chess material. Again, any arrangement in respect of this is between student and coach.

If anyone is interested then please contact me. My address is at the front of this Gazette.

Voldi Gailans