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The Gazette - February 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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13th BCA Email Tournament

Philip Doyle and Eamonn Casey write:

Hello Folks, and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

Our latest email tournament has reached its conclusion. In the top division, Peter Gibbs once again repelled all comers, and appears well-nigh impossible to shift. Well done Peter! Division 2 was won by Steve Burnell after a very tough and competitive battle. Division 3 ended in a tie between Philip Gordon and Eamonn Casey. Tony Lawton was the decisive winner of Division 4, while Denis Warren and newcomer, John Ramm, won Divisions 5 and 6 respectively. Results and final scores are given at the end of this report.

This was our biggest ever entry, but thanks to the co-operation of all the players, it went off very smoothly. Our next email tournament is due to start on March 1st, and we hope to at least equal the number of competitors we achieved in our most recent event. Watch out for the announcement on the BCA usergroup!

A big thank you to all who took part in our 13th email tournament, and if you enjoyed it, tell all your chessplaying friends about it.

Division 1:Peter Gibbs, Colin Chambers, Malola Prasath, Bill Armstrong, Philip Doyle.

Chambers drew with Doyle

Gibbs Beat Chambers

Armstrong drew with Chambers

Doyle drew with Gibbs

Armstrong lost to Doyle

Gibbs beat Armstrong

Prasath lost to Gibbs

Chambers beat Prasath

Doyle beat Prasath

Prasath beat Armstrong

Final Standings (scores from 4 games): Gibbs 3.5, Doyle 3, Chambers 2, Prasath 1, Armstrong 0.5.

Division 2:Steve Burnell, Stephen Hilton, Norman Andrews, Malcolm Jones.

Burnell beat Jones

Burnell drew with Hilton

Jones beat Andrews

Hilton beat Jones

Andrews drew with Burnell

Hilton lost to Andrews

Final Standings (scores from 3 games): Burnell 2, Andrews and Hilton 1.5, Jones 1.

Division 3: Philip Gordon, Eamonn Casey, Voldi Gailans, Gill Smith.

Gordon beat Smith

Casey beat Smith

Gordon drew with Casey

Casey beat Gailans

Gailans lost to Gordon

Smith lost to Gailans

Final Standings (scores from 3 games): Casey and Gordon 2.5, Gailans 1, Smith 0.

Division 4:Steve Thacker, Tony Elbourn, Tony Lawton, Mike Flood.

Thacker lost to Flood

Elbourn beat Flood

Lawton beat Thacker

Elbourn lost to Lawton

Thacker beat Elbourn

Flood lost to Lawton

Final Standings (scores from 3 games): Lawton 3, Elbourn, Flood and Thacker 1.

Division 5:Denis Warren, Anthony Borg, Donna Jodhan, Anton Emery.

Borg Beat Jodhan

Borg lost to Emery

Warren beat Borg

Warren beat Emery

Jodhan drew with Warren

Emery beat Jodhan

Final Standings (scores from 3 games): Warren 2.5, Emery 2, Borg 1, Jodhan 0.5.

Division 6:Richard Harrington, Eleanor Tew, John Ramm, Marilyn Bland.

Tew lost to Ramm

Ramm beat Harrington

Harrington lost to bland

Tew lost to Bland

Bland lost to Ramm

Harrington lost to Tew

Final Standings (scores from 3 games): Ramm 3, Bland 2, Tew 1, Harrington 0.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Eamonn and Philip for organising yet another email tournament for us! They’re such a great team and make it seem so effortless, but there is undoubtedly more work involved than we realise. When you consider that they’ve run two such events every year starting in 2015, it really is a huge contribution!