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The Gazette - February 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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David Hodgkins Memorial Annual Best Game Competition

Julie Leonard writes:

Due to the popularity of the TESSLa event and the BCA Email Tournaments, there were no fewer than 40 entries last year! Peter Gibbs, judge for 2020, played through all of them before making his choice. We are extremely grateful to Peter for all his hard work. He chose the very last game to finish in the 13th BCA email tournament!

Before revealing the 2020 winner, we’re delighted to announce that David Mabbs has kindly agreed to be our judge for 2021! David has a wealth of experience both nationally and internationally and is sure to do a great job!

David Hodgkins’ sister, Sally, tells me that their mum, Phyllis, is well and celebrated her 90th birthday on the 10th of January! She enjoyed a glass of bubbly and blew out both candles on her cake in one puff! Sally, reminded me that it’s already six years since David passed away. Our memories of him live on in this event.

Now over to Peter Gibbs to announce the winner! Drumroll …

Peter says:

I declare Malola Prasath the winner of the 2020 best game competition! Although Malola won the game it was a very hard encounter and all credit to his opponent, Bill Armstrong. Going through the game I thought that at one time Bill's attack might break through, but it was not to be because Malola showed considerable skill in countering the threats. Malola said this game was one of the most complex ones he has played in 2020!

Prasath-Armstrong, Division 1 of the 13th BCA Email Tournament

1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 g6 3. g3 Bg7 4. Bg2 0-0 5. Nf3 c6 6. 0-0 d6 7. d4 Qa5 8. Bd2 Qh5 9. b4 Bh3 10. e4 Qg4

11. Re1 Bxg2 12. Kxg2 Qc8 13. Qb3 Nbd7 14. a4 e5 15. d5 h6 16. a5 a6 17. Na4 Rb8 18. Nb6 Nxb6

19. axb6 Nd7 20. Be3 Kh7 21. Rac1 c5 22. h4 Rh8 23. h5 g5 24. Qa3 Nf6 25. bxc5 Nxe4 26. cxd6 f5

27. Nd2 Nf6 28. Nb3 f4 29. Bc5 e4 30. Nd4 Qg4 31. Rh1 Nd7 32. Ne6 Rbc8 33. Bb4 Ne5 34. d7 Nd3

35. Rh2 Rcd8 36. Rf1 Nxb4 37. Qxb4 Qf3+ 38. Kg1 Rxd7 39. Qb1 Rc8 40. gxf4 gxf4 41. Rg2 Rxc4

42. Qa2 Rd4 43. Nxd4 Bxd4 44. Qa4 Rg7 45. Rxg7 Bxg7 46. Qd1 Qh3 47. Qe2 Qf5 48. Re1 e3

49. Qf3 black resigns

Editor’s note: Congratulations to Malola! Sadly, as this year’s AGM is going to be held on Skype, we will not be awarding the pink diamond paperweight trophy in person. Paul Benson also missed out on receiving the trophy following his win in 2019 because we were unable to hold an AGM at all in 2020.