The Gazette - February 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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BCA v Surrey Match

A 22 board match against Surrey started on the 1st of January. The pairings are below. BCA has white on the odd numbered boards. Note that Surrey supplied ECF grades and we gave ELO style ratings. To convert from grades to ratings you multiply by 7.5, then add 700. So ECF 100 equates to ELO 1450, and ECF 150 equates to ELO 1825. Our team has an average rating of 1665 (approximate grade 129) and Surrey’s team has an average rating of 1710 (approximately grade 135) so on paper the teams are fairly evenly matched. Don’t forget though, that many of the grades and ratings will have been based on OTB performances, and playing strengths could be different for correspondence, so anything could happen. It’s going to be an exciting event!

BCA Team (White on odd boards)Surrey Team

1Peter Gibbs(W)1960v.Matt Piper(B)221

2Rod Macdonald (B)1950 estv.Justin Horton(W)207

3John Gallagher(W)1940 est v.Tony Ashby(B)180

4Paul Benson(B)1930v.Julien Shepley(W)174

5Graham Lilley(W)1862 est v.Martin Smith(B)168

6Ben Graff(B)1833v.Steve Hooker(W)168

7Steve Burnell(W)1818v.Graham Alcock(B)147

8Bill Armstrong(B)1750v.Nick Grey(W)146

9Norman Wragg(W)1713v.Steve Barry(B)132

10Steve Hilton(B)1696v.Andy Chesworth(W)131

11Norman Andrews(W)1645v.Paul Hartdegen(B)125 est

12Stan Lovell(B)1615v.Mike Gunn(W)123

13Philip Doyle(W)1608v.Dieter McDougall(B)120

14Alec Crombie(B)1593 estv.Richard Tillett(W)118

15Eamonn Casey(W)1510v.Edward Mospan(B)116

16Philip Gordon(B)1510v.Tony Foreman(W)116

17Colin Fisher(W)1508v.Mike Foss(B)111

18Malcolm Jones(B)1498 estv.Tim Cutter(W)108

19Randy Kruzeniski(W)1488 est v.Richard Jones(B)97

20Steve Thacker(B)1450v.Chris Rebbeck(W)94

21Guy Whitehouse(W)1435v.Andras Horvath(B)90

22Mark Hague(B)1323v.Simon Rebbeck(W)70 est

The match was the idea of Owen Phillips and has been arranged by our non-playing captain, Voldi Gailans, in conjunction with the captain of the Surrey team, Richard Tillett. We're very grateful to them for all the hard work that has gone into making this match happen. Best of luck to all!

Julie Leonard