The Gazette - February 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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This Year’s AGM

At our November committee meeting we discussed how best to proceed with the 2021 AGM. The onset of the pandemic had forced us to abandon plans for the 2020 AGM and congress, but we felt strongly that this year we really must hold some sort of AGM, even if what ultimately took place was less than ideal.

We felt the virus situation would not have improved sufficiently to proceed with an AGM and congress in the usual way, and while we had found workable solutions enabling us to run online weekend congresses, running a large scale online meeting with significant numbers of attendees was another matter. We therefore decided to separate the congress from the AGM and to run the tournament over the previously advertised weekend but to move the AGM to 2 pm on Saturday 10th April.

The plan is to run the AGM using Zoom or Skype. The committee will be experimenting to see which application best meets our needs and helps us facilitate interaction during the meeting. We also intend to make it possible for people to dial in if that’s easiest for them.

If you plan to attend the AGM please let Gill Smith know by Monday 22nd March, indicating whether you will be joining online or via telephone. Gill will liaise with you regarding joining instructions and our conclusions on how we can best enable attendees to interact with the meeting given the constraints of the application we’re using. You will also be sent the various AGM papers including committee reports and accounts and the committee will be seeking your feedback on these before the meeting.

If you are not attending the meeting but would like a copy of the committee reports or accounts, please let Gill know. Even if you are not attending the AGM, you are free to send comments on any AGM-related issue to a committee member ahead of the meeting.

The agenda now follows. Please note there are two motions, one making the post of Junior Development Officer a committee post and the other changing the clause of the constitution relating to the publication and approval of our accounts.

Guy Whitehouse

Braille Chess Association, Registered Charity No. 263049

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting 2021:

To be held via Zoom/Skype on Saturday 10th April 2021 starting at 2 pm.

Please note that Associate Members are eligible to vote on all items except those relating to the Constitution.

1. Roll call.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 16 March 2019.

4. Matters arising.

5. Chairman’s report.

6. Finance and fundraising.

6.1 Treasurer.

6.2 Presentation of accounts: these have been examined and certified by a qualified accountant.

6.3 Fundraising report.

7. Officers’ reports.

7.1 Secretary, including IBCA matters.

7.2 Publicity Officer.

7.3 Correspondence Chess Director.

7.4 Gazette Editor.

7.5 Audio Librarian.

7.6 Membership Secretary.

7.7 Website Coordinator and Chairman of Information Communication Technology Sub Committee.

8. Other reports.

8.1 Technical Sub Committee.

8.2 Tournament Sub Committee.

8.3 Congress Support Officer.

8.4 Junior Development Officer.

8.5 Coaching.

8.6 Representative to ECF Council.

9. Motions (see annex 1).

10. Election of Officers.

10.1 Chairman.

10.2 Secretary.

10.3 Treasurer.

10.4 Gazette Editor.

10.5 Correspondence Chess Director.

10.6 Membership Secretary.

10.7 Publicity Officer.

10.8 Audio Librarian.

10.9 Website Coordinator.

10.10 Junior Representative.

10.11 Junior Development Officer.

11. Election to other posts.

11.1 Representative to ECF Council.

11.2 Representative to Chess Scotland.

11.3 Congress Support Officer.

12. Date and venue of next AGM.

13. Any other business. Items should be notified to the Secretary prior to the meeting. Please note that if any items are notified less than 48 hours before the meeting the Chairman will decide whether these should be taken.

Annex 1

The following motion is proposed by the committee:

This AGM resolves that the list of elected committee posts contained in Section 7 of the constitution shall be amended so as to include Junior Development Officer.

The following motion is proposed by the committee:

This AGM resolves that clause 15 of the constitution should be amended so as to read as follows:

“For the financial year commencing 1st October, 1997, and all subsequent financial years, the Association’s accounts shall be independently examined in compliance with the requirements set by the Charity Commissioners or prepared in such manner as may from time to time be required by statute. The Association's accounts shall be published as soon as they have been approved by the board of trustees and certified as examined by an independent examiner. They will be presented at the following AGM”.