The Gazette - February 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Membership Secretary’s Report

Two new members have joined this quarter!

Paul Hartdegen, now resident in Surrey but originally from South Africa, has joined as an Associate member for five years. Paul read about us in the November issue of Chess Magazine. He was very impressed with the article and is very keen to support the work of the Association.

Tim Musson from Newark has joined as a visually impaired life member. Tim is a school friend of BCA members Mark Kirkham and Ed Green.


Estelita Clayton, AKA Nene, from Belper, Derbyshire, has updated her one year membership to five years.


Sadly, two long term members have passed away. They are Bill Tatum and Dorothy Hodges.

Members will know Bill from his helpful podcasts on using Shredder Chess on the iPhone and supplying other useful contributions to the email user group.

Dorothy Hodges attended many over the board tournaments in the past years. Her gentle nature meant she was a very popular player in the challenger section. She was also a very keen correspondence player and her tape contributions were always a great pleasure to listen to as she invariably had plenty of news to talk about. She passed away recently in her nursing home.

Mark Hague

Editor’s note:

Paul Benson told me about Bill Tatum’s website, where you can find his contributions to the V.I. world on subjects as diverse as Blind Gamers scrabble, how to use an iPad and of course chess, including Shredder. He was clearly a man who dedicated a lot of his time to assisting others in getting to grips with new hardware and software. No doubt many members have enjoyed and benefited from his podcasts.

The website is:

An obituary for Dorothy Hodges appears at the end of this gazette.