Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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51.55 Parallel Match

No fewer than forty BCA members initially stepped forward to volunteer to take on the might of Surrey so sadly, there wasn’t room for everyone in the team. Undeterred, twelve members took part in a six board internal North v South match, where the dividing line was the 51.55 degrees north latitude!

The North team comprised of: Gerry Walsh (Middlesbrough), John Ramm (Wrexham), Simon Highsmith (Hornsey), Voldi Gailans (Romford), Mike Flood (Finsbury Park) and Lea Ryan (Northolt).

Representing the South were: Gill Smith (Bristol), Tony Lawton (Reading), Paul Hartdegen (Esher), Tony and Irene Elbourn (Gosport) and Donna Jodhan (Toronto).

For the pairings, the teams were not put in order of playing strength in the traditional way. Instead, each player got an opponent that they had never played or hadn't played recently in a BCA event. The results were as follows:

North (White on odd boards)South

Voldi Gailans(W)780.50.5Paul Hartdegen(B)125

Gerry Walsh (B)11810Tony Elbourn(W)75

Lea Ryan (W)1710Gill Smith(B)51

Mike Flood(B)4210Donna Jodhan(W)

Simon Highsmith(W)10Tony Lawton(B)48

John Ramm(B)10Irene Elbourn(W)1

So after six games the North had 5.5 to the South’s 0.5. However, three of the pairs opted to reverse colours and play again. Southerner, Irene, managed to triple her team’s score!

Gerry Walsh (W)11810Tony Elbourn(B)75

Simon Highsmith(B)10Tony Lawton(W)48

John Ramm(W)01Irene Elbourn(B)1

The final score was North 7.5, South 1.5. Congratulations to the North and commiserations to South!