Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Solutions to Owen’s Puzzles

P1: 1. Qxd5+ If B (Q or R) x Qd5 then 2. Ne6#!! The Principle is Smother and Pin related sacrifices!

P2: .1. ... a5+ If 2. Kxa5 then 2. … QxQa3# whilst if 2. Qxa5 then 2. … Qb2#!! The principle is Deflection!

P3: 1. Qh1#!! easy as long as you trawl the board. A very important skill particularly for players who are blind or have restricted sight. Principle: Trawling and looking for extra lines of attack!

P4: 1. Rh7+ If 1. … Kxh7 then 2. Qxg6+ Kh8 and 3. Qh7#!

Or more likely the more complex route of 1. … Kg5 then still 2. Qxg6+ and after 2. … Kh4 then 3. Qg3#!! (as the Black Knight is pinned!) Principles of Deflection, Exposed attack, and a pin!

Remember when you do problems -always think afterwards what were the principles involved. That way one learns more and you are more likely to retain and be able to reproduce that knowledge in matches.