Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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New Reader of Chess Magazine

Dewi Jones, who has read extracts from the chess magazine for the BCA since 2019, stepped down in February. We have successfully recruited a new reader, Hugh Lawson. By the time you read this, Hugh will have read from five editions of the magazine from March to July. The transition was extremely smooth as Hugh is a keen chess player and soon got the hang of how to record with very little training required. We are most impressed with both the quality and presentation of Hugh's recordings, and would like to encourage members to listen. You can receive them on USB stick or as a direct link via our Dropbox account. Please contact me if you are interested. Some of the regular features in the magazine include the following:

How good is your Chess by GM Daniel King

60 Seconds (a brief interview with an established player, always with a favourite game)

Obituaries of famous chess players with tribute games

Never Mind the Grandmasters

Find the Winning Moves (with Solutions)

Studies with Stephenson

Home News

Overseas News

New Releases

There is plenty of variety from issue to issue, with recent articles such as ‘The Counter-Break ... Some pawn breaks can be met by another’, ‘The Two-Move Trap’ and one regular contributor is our very own associate member Ben Graff, whose article on the BCA appeared in the fall of last year in the magazine, and was reproduced in the February gazette.

Naturally, time constraints prevent Hugh from covering everything, so we try to select the most interesting looking articles beforehand so they are not always the same each time. Hugh will endeavour to record approximately three hours’ worth of material each month.

I look forward to hearing from anyone wishing to take advantage of this service.

Mark Kirkham