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The Gazette - August 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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14th BCA Email Tournament

Philip Doyle and Eamonn Casey report:

Our 14th BCA Email Tournament reached its conclusion in early May. Thanks to all the players, it was a very easy event to control. And now for the wrap up. I think we should rename Division 1 the Peter Gibbs Benefit, as once again, he has won it conclusively. Come on guys, surely someone can topple the master? Well done Peter! In Division 2, Randy Kruzeniski stormed to victory, winning by 1 and a half points. Eamonn Casey won a much tighter Division 3. Tony Lawton demanded promotion by winning Division 4 for the second time and Anton Emery was the victor in Division 5. We’re hoping to hear from you all, plus some of your friends for our 15th tournament in September!

Final scores and results that came in after the May gazette went to print are as follows:

Division 1 Final scores:

Peter Gibbs 3.5 from 4, Philip Doyle 2.5, Steve Burnell and Colin Chambers 2, Malola Prasath 0.

Division 2:

Armstrong drew with Andrews

Armstrong lost to Kruzeniski

Jones lost to Armstrong

Final scores:

Randy Kruzeniski 3.5 from 4, Bill Armstrong and Gerry Walsh 2, Norman Andrews 1.5, Malcolm Jones 1.

Division 3 Final scores:

Eamonn Casey 2.5, Philip Gordon 2, John Fullwood 1, Voldi Gailans 0.5.

Division 4: Gill Smith, Tony Lawton, Steve Thacker, Mike Flood.

Flood drew with Thacker

Thacker beat Smith

Final scores: Tony Lawton 3 from 3, Steve Thacker 1.5, Gill Smith 1, Flood 0.5.

Division 5 Final Scores:

Anton Emery 2.5 from 3, John Ramm 1.5, Anthony Borg and Simon Highsmith 1.