The Gazette - August 2021

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report


Premier - Group Leader Paul Benson

Crombie 0.5 - 0.5 Whitehouse, Centre Counter, 26.

Gallacher 0 - 1 Whitehouse, Modern, 34.

Phillips 1 - 0 Gallacher, Queen's Pawn, 22.

Ernie McElroy has withdrawn without starting any of his games due to technical difficulties with a new computer system.

Scores: Alec Crombie 2.5-3, Guy Whitehouse 2.5-3, George Phillips 2-2, Eric Gallacher 1-4, Voldi Gailans 0-4.

Challengers - Group Leader Paul Benson

No results. Scores: Philip Gordon 2-2, Eleanor Tew 1-2, Jim Cuthbert 0-0, Denis Warren 0-2.

BCA LEAGUE 2020-21

Division 1 - Group Leader Guy Whitehouse

Final scores: Alec Crombie 2.5-3, Ernie McElroy 2.5, Mark Hague 1, Voldi Gailans 0.

Division 2 - Group Leader Voldi Gailans

No results. Scores: George Phillips 3-3, Jim Cuthbert 0-1, Eric Gallacher 0-1, Denis Warren 0-1.

Division 3 - Group Leader George Phillips

Andrew Wood has been out of communication for more than a year, all of his games are now judged to be losses on time. Final scores: Mike Flood 3-3, Malcolm Jones 2, Eleanor Tew 1, Andrew Wood 0.

Congratulation to Mike Flood on winning Division 3 with a perfect score.


Apologies, the laptop with records of Ladder games has still not yet been resuscitated. Consequently, announcing the winner of the 2020 Ladder is not yet possible. Similarly offering the present Ladder is not possible as the unknown winner must be placed at the foot of the Ladder.

Anyone wishing to play a friendly game on the Ladder should either contact myself or issue a challenge to another player on the Ladder, my contact details as shown in list of Officers. Any friendly games played under correspondence conditions, such as by braille, cassette, email, Skype, telephone, can qualify as a Friendly Ladder game. Please report such games and let your efforts be reflected in your accumulating score.

In closing, to those about to start a game: Break a peg!

Paul Benson