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The Gazette - May 2022

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16th BCA Email Tournament

Philip Doyle and Eamonn Casey write:

The 16th BCA email tournament got underway on the 1st of March. There are 20 participants on this occasion. We have divided these into five divisions with 4 players in each division, based on BCA grades, performance in previous email tournaments where applicable, and where possible, incorporated promotion and relegation. Because there are four players in all divisions half the players will have two whites, and the other half will have two blacks, dependent on the seeding.

We are two-thirds of the way through this event and we already have two outright winners. Colin Chambers has won Division 2 and will be making a quick return to Division 1. Eamonn Casey managed to win Division 3. Here is the composition of the divisions and the results so far:

Division 1: Bill Armstrong, Steve Burnell, Philip Doyle, Malcolm Jones.

Jones lost to Doyle

Burnell beat Jones

Burnell drew with Doyle

Armstrong lost to Jones

Current scores: Burnell and Doyle 1.5/2, Jones 1/3, Armstrong 0/1

Division 2: Colin Chambers, Malola Prasath, Gerry Walsh, John Fullwood.

Chambers beat Prasath

Chambers beat Fullwood

Walsh drew with Chambers

Fullwood drew with Walsh

Prasath lost to Fullwood

Current scores: Chambers 2.5/3, Fullwood 1.5/3, Walsh 1/2, Prasath 0/2

Division 3: Eamonn Casey, Voldi Gailans, Tony Elbourn, Nene Clayton.

Clayton beat Elbourn

Casey beat Clayton

Gailans beat Elbourn

Elbourn lost to Casey

Casey beat Gailans

Current scores: Casey 3/3, Clayton and Gailans 1/2, Elbourn 0/2,

Division 4: Gill Smith, John Ramm, Marilyn Bland, Simon Highsmith.

Ramm lost to Highsmith

Smith beat Ramm

Smith lost to Highsmith

Current scores: Highsmith 2/2, Smith 1/2, Ramm 0/2

Division 5: Mike Flood, Neda Koohnavard, Donna Jodhan, Richard Harrington.

Flood beat Harrington

Jodhan beat Flood

Koohnavard beat Harrington

Current scores: Jodhan and Koohnavard 1/1, Flood 1/2, Harrington 0/2