Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2022

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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Coaching Matters

Due to the pandemic, I have not carried out any face-to-face coaching activities, but have concentrated instead on initiatives carried out via Zoom, Skype and telephone. As well as co-ordinating training under the current coaching scheme, I have taken on introducing new and prospective members to chess by holding remote coaching sessions and currently have two weekly sessions with students new to chess. I am particularly keen to involve new members in our coaching activities in order to inspire them to want to improve their game and to manage their own training choices. Thanks to Gerry Walsh, I have a further initiative in respect of coaching, which I hope to run if there is sufficient interest.

The current coaching scheme is still in operation. All UK-based members are entitled to £120 worth of training per annum and I have a number of coaches able and willing to take on one-to-one training via Skype, Zoom or telephone. If anyone is interested in training under the scheme then please contact me and I will undertake to find a suitable trainer.

For those members new to chess and who have just joined us I am happy to introduce them to the game with some introductory sessions prior to further coaching if required. For any members who wish to take part I have a list of players who are happy to play friendly games remotely and if anybody wishes to join this then please send me your e-mail address and details of how you wish to play, either by e-mail or remotely.

At the recent BCA Chess Theme Break in Bournemouth, Gerry Walsh undertook to train a group of students using the 'How Good is Your Chess' course. Participants were taken a few moves into a game and then asked to predict moves for the rest of the game, with points awarded for each move. This proved very popular throughout the week and Gerry has kindly offered to run a similar initiative if there is sufficient interest. If anyone would be interested in this then please contact me and I can then liaise with Gerry and any prospective participants.

In conclusion, I am always on the lookout for new training initiatives in order to encourage us all to play and to further our interest in chess. If anyone has any ideas then please let me have your suggestions. See the front of this Gazette for my contact details.

Voldi Gailans, Coaching and Junior Development Officer