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The Gazette - May 2022

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

Discussion at the AGM decided to discontinue the Friendly Games Ladder. Organisation of friendly games will still continue, it is just that the result will not count on the Ladder. Anyone seeking an opponent for a couple of friendly games should contact myself, details given in list of Officers.


Premier - Group Leader Paul Benson

Final scores: George Phillips 3.5/4, Alec Crombie 3, Guy Whitehouse 2.5, Eric Gallacher 1, Voldi Gailans 0.

Challengers - Group Leader Paul Benson

Final scores: Philip Gordon 2/2, Eleanor Tew 1, Denis Warren 0.

BCA LEAGUE 2022-23

Division 1 - Group Leader Voldi Gailans

Crombie 1 - 0 Gailans, Giuoco Piano, 18.

Scores: Alec Crombie 1/1, Jim Cuthbert 0/0, George Phillips 0/0, Voldi Gailans 0/1.

Division 2 - Group Leader Guy Whitehouse

Flood 0 - 1 Jones, Black Lion, 22.

Flood 1 - 0 Tew, French, 22.

Tew 0 - 1 Jones, Philidor, 26.

Jones 1 - 0 Gallacher, Sicilian, 34.

Gallacher 0.5 - 0.5 Flood, Bishop's, 30.

Tew 0 - 1 Gallacher, Queen's Pawn, 23.Final scores: Malcolm Jones 3/3, Eric Gallacher 1.5/3, Mike Flood 1.5/3, Eleanor Tew 0/3.Congratulations to Malcolm Jones on winning Division 2 with a perfect score and gaining promotion to battle in Division 1 next cycle.

In closing, to those about to start a game: Break a peg!

Paul Benson