Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Windermere February 2016 in Verse

Joan Shorrock has once again composed one of her lovely poems about the Windermere Chess Theme Break!

Here we are at Windermere Manor

Through storm and wind and rain

We say, ‘How lovely to see you’

Or. ‘Oh no, not him again!’

Ernie and Sean are late

But should be here forthwith

I know there have been diversions

But surely not via Penrith

On Sunday some went to church

Some avids just played chess

Some were active and went for a swim

Other just wanted to rest.

A pleasant morning in Grasmere

Then it poured with rain

Dripping, we went for a coffee

Typically, the sun came out again.

In the evening Celia did a quiz

Norman’s winning team had six

Our team only had four. He’s always winning

So we think it was a fix.

Tuesday morning was shopping

Then in the afternoon, a sail.

Obviously you all behaved yourselves

So cannot tell a tale.

Celia then called bingo.

With such high stakes to win

She found it hard to keep control

Especially with George and Jim.

Wednesday evening, the lovely Sue Parish

We all love her style

And when Tanvi and Antoine assisted

It made it doubly worthwhile

On Thursday, Kirkby Lonsdale

Tanvi bought nothing – yes really!

But Antoine bought a sweet shop

Not quite, but very nearly.

We had such talent at the soiree

But were disappointed with Jan

We were all excited

When she promised to do the can can!

‘I’ll do the dance of the seven veils’

Said Ruth ‘As a special request’.

Then changed her mind and did the dance

Of the seven thermal vests!

We sort of took over Cartmel

In the brewery some time was spent

In the priory with a tune from Antoine

But guess where Tanvi went

In a quiet pub with a lovely fire

George and I found release

Then were invaded by all the rest

Shattering our peace.

But George really deserves the break

The winner takes it all

And once more becomes the champion

Closely followed by Mark and Paul.

So thank you Peter and Celia

And all the Manor here.

It’s been good to be together again

See you all next year!