Geoff Carlin, 1932-2009

By Colin Chambers

Meet the Champion, B.C.A. Gazette April 1979
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Geoff became a pupil at The Royal Normal College for the Blind, Rowton Castle, Shrewsbury, in 1945 and stayed until 1952. Whilst at the college, Geoff was a prime mover in the formation of the very successful chess club. He trained as a piano tuner and ran his own tuning business throughout his working life.

Geoff was destined to play an important part in the Braille Chess Association. Was it a coincidence that both Geoff and the B.C.A. were created in 1932!!

Geoff was very active in over-the-board chess. He represented Great Britain in the first 9 I.B.C.A. Chess Olympiads, i.e. West Germany 1961, East Germany 1964, Great Britain 1968, Yugoslavia 1972, Finland 1976, The Netherlands 1980, Spain 1985, Hungary 1988 and Spain 1992. Besides this, Geoff was in the G.B. team in the World Cups in Spain 1990 and Poland 1994. He also represented his country in World Individual Tournaments. Geoff still found time to win our own championships on at least 5 occasions.

Geoff didn
ít confine himself to over-the-board chess and was also very active in postal chess. He represented G.B. in postal chess Olympiads and won our postal chess championship.

No, he didn
ít confine himself to chess for the visually impaired. Geoff's father was one of the founders of the Braunstone club which plays in the Leicestershire League.  Geoff also played for

this club throughout his chess career. Geoff was very active in his local chess league and was a regular member of the Leicestershire County team. His father was also a strong county player and it was often seen with his father on top board and Geoff himself on board 2.


When facing Geoff over a chess board, it was a very frightening experience. However, off the chess board Geoff was very quiet and unassuming. He was always ready to support team members and help whenever possible.

During the last 20 years, due to Alzheimers, Geoff
ís health steadily deteriorated. He passed away on 29th May, 2009. Geoff leaves a wife, Ruth, and three children, Helen, Gill and Clive.

Colin Chambers
Sunday 07th June 2009.













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