Geoff Patching 1925-2018

Geoff Patching, a long-standing member of the BCA, has died at the age of ninety three. I first got to know him when I joined the Association in the early 1990's and we both immediately became close friends. His tremendous enthusiasm for chess quickly made its mark on myself. Whenever coaching was available at tournaments, he would be there and making comments on board positions. He regularly attended the annual theme break at Windermere Manor and was a regular winner of the handicap tournaments that take place after the coaching sessions. He was a keen contributor to soiree events with his rendering of Cornish folk songs.

Outside of chess he was an active walker and always got to know his way around the locality where a tournament was being played. With this in mind he was always ready to take people out for a strole. He loved to

take part in quizzes and was a very useful member of a team because of his boundless knowledge.

Although he lived at the southern tip of Cornwall, he would always travel to tournaments wherever they were held. A truly dedicated member of BCA who will be sadly missed.

By Richard Harrington


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