The B.C.A. are sad to announce the tragic loss of one of our most valuable members, Helen Townsend, who peacefully left our lives last Saturday at 12.10 in the morning. Helen had been fighting for months with a brain tumour and unfortunately, doctors were unable to do anything for Helen. We are pleased to say that Helen did not suffer during the latter part of her life, and her passing was peaceful and with complete dignity.

Helen had been the girlfriend of one of our active members, Steven Thacker, who is naturally traumatised by the sudden death of Helen. They lived together in Peterborough, England, and were always seen at B.C.A. events. Helen was recognised as a very committed, and loyal person, and girlfriend to Steven, and her cheerful, sociable attitude will be missed within the B.C.A. circuit.

Steve and Helen enjoyed many ventures together over the past 16 years, travelling throughout the world, gaining knowledge and experience as they went. Helen was extremely committed to her work, and was a massive support to Steve in his, as well as their daily lives. It is difficult to think of a happier or more joyful B.C.A. member than Helen, and the B.C.A. acknowledge that we have lost a very dear member and will hold Helen in our minds and hearts with sweet memories.

The B.C.A. team 22 September 2002




















B.C.A. 2002