Please find below a list of the BCA's officers and their corresponding roles:


Norman Wragg, email Norman Wragg


Guy Whitehouse, email Guy Whitehouse


Gill Smith , email Gill Smith

Publicity Officer

Dan Rugman, email Dan Rugman

Website co-ordinator

Dan Rugman, email Dan Rugman

Correspondence Chess Director

Paul Benson, email Paul Benson

Gazette Editor

Julie Leonard, email Julie Leonard

Audio Librarian

Mark Kirkham, email Mark Kirkham

Membership Secretary

Mark Hague, email Mark Hague


Finance and fundraising

Chairman: Norman Wragg, email the finance and fundraising sub-committee

Information, communication and technology

Chairman: Dan Rugman, email the information, communication and technology sub-committee


Chairman: Guy Whitehouse, email the technical sub-committee


Chairman: Steve Burnell, email the tournament sub-committee

Non-Committee Posts

BCA Fund-raiser

Linda Innes, email Linda Innes

Junior Development Officer

Voldi Gailans, email the Junior Development Officer

ECF representative

Owen Phillips, email the ECF representative

Friendly Games Coordinator

Paul Benson, email the Friendly Games Coordinator

Periodicals Distributor

Richard Harrington, email Richard Harrington


BCA 2002 - 2017