The Big Bash

6th - 27th February 2021

The event ran over three weeks. In each week, players were organised into groups of three and all played all within that group. In week one, the groups were arranged by seeding and in the following weeks by performance.

Games were played on Skype, Zoom, by phone or on

Players were awarded 8 points for a win, 4 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

Ideally, when games are played on Skype, a third person runs the clock and writes down moves. Participants who acted as time keepers in this fashion were awarded 2 points but this was limited to 4 points per week.

Two winners were to be declared; an open winner and a challenger winner for those rated 1450 or below.

Steve Burnell was the open winner and, after a tense tie break, Steve Bailey won the challengers section.

Steve Burnell44
Malcolm Jones42
Steve Hilton40
Stan Lovell37
Norman Wragg35
Norman Andrews34
Colin Fisher34
Stephen Thacker34
Steve Bailey34
Gill Smith34
Mark Hague32
Lea Ryan28
Gary Wickett27
Voldi Gailans27
John Osborne20
John Ramm20
Anthony Borg19
Tony Lawton19
Tony Elbourn16
Simon Highsmith13