B.C.A. A.G.M. Congress 2007

Another very enjoyable tournament was held in Derby from 02-04 March 2007. The seedings were largely justified with Tyson Mordue winning with 4.5 from 5, followed by Chris Ross on 4, and Graham Lilley, Steve Burnell, and Ernie McElroy on 3.5. The grading prizes in the top section went to Richard Murphy (section A) and to Guy Whitehouse, Mark Kirkham and Steve Brown (section B),

In the minor event, prizes went as follows: 1st = John Kidals and Jim Cuthbert 4 points; 3rd Orlando Sobers 3.5; and a grading award to Gary Wickett.

The week-end was another successful visit to Derby where the Midland hotel, centrally located and well staffed provided an excellent venue for chess and for the annual general meeting.

At the meeting members  endorsed most of the committee's activities and approved the proposals for the 75th anniversary, on coaching, and to extend junior concessions to the age of 25.  Sufficient criticisms of our performance reminded us that the B.C.A. expects a high level of performance from its elected officers, all of whom were re-appointed unopposed. However Chris Ross gave up his responsibilities for youth development and Alastair Irving for junior representation. Bill Armstrong will cover Youth Development on a temporary basis. These posts remain unfilled.












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