B.C.A. A.G.M. Congress 2008

Fight to the finish at Braille Chess Association (B.C.A.) Congress


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The Braille Chess Association (B.C.A.) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) Tournament at the Midland Hotel, Derby on 28-30 March. The Open Section produced its closest result for years, reflecting the highly competitive spirit of B.C.A. chess. Five players tied for equal first with 3.5/5:


Colin Crouch (Harrow Weald, Middlesex)

Tyson Mordue (Bristol)

Chris Ross (Huntingdon)

Peter Gibbs (Hinckley)

Graham Lilley (St Helens)

Photograph of Chris Ross with the trophy



Current B.C.A. Champion, IM Colin Crouch, and his predecessor, Chris Ross, edged ahead on sum of progressive scores; Chris was awarded the trophy by a mere 0.25 of a Sonneborn-Berger point.


Tristram Cole (Sheffield), Steve Thacker (Nottingham) and Ian Blencowe (Gloucester) won grading prizes.


joint winners of the grading prize in


Phil Smith (Derby) was outright winner of the Minor (Under ECF 80) section with 4.5/5. Phil was followed closely by Orlando Sobers (Birmingham) and Jim Cuthbert (Sidcup) on 4/5. Grading prizes in the Minor went to Mark Hague (London), Lee Ryan (Northolt, Middlesex), Quinn Stenson (Ilkeston) and Thomas Keneally (Warwick). Quinn deserves a special mention; at only 10 years old and a newcomer to the B.C.A., he scored 2/5 against far more experienced opposition.


Six-year old Harmony Scott, in her first visit to a B.C.A. tournament, played several informal games with much determination and has great potential.

Quinn Stenson in play against Harmony Scott



The B.C.A. would like to thank the staff at the Midland Hotel for their support over the weekend. The Midland has become one of our most popular venues.


Richard Murphy March 2008


Shortly after this tournament, the B.C.A. were sad to hear the death of one of it’s most prolific members, George Plechaty. In honour of his memory, here is a game from round 2 of the A.G.M. tournament.

Here, he drew with a must strong player than himself and showed that he was willing to fight to the bitter end…

may he rest in peace and be remembered by all with fond memories.


B.C.A. A.G.M. March 2008


Round 2


Gallagher - Plechaty.


1 d4 d5

2 nf3 nf6

3 c4 c6

4 e3 bg4

5 nc3 e6

6 h3 bxf3

7 qxf3 dxc4

8 bxc4 nd5

9 00 nd7

10 bd2 b5

11 bb3 ndb6

12 rad1 a5

13 a3 b4

14 axb4 bxb4

15 ne4 bxd2

16 rxd2 a4

17 ba2 qc7

18 rc1 nb4

19 bb1 nb6d5

20 nc5 a3

21 bxa3 rxa3

22 nd3 nxd3

23 bxd3 ke7

24 be4 r8a8

25 bxd5 exd5

26 qxd5 cxd5

27 rxc7+ ke6

28 rdc2 ra1+

29 kh2 r8a6

30 g4 g6

31 rb2 h5

32 rb2b7 hxg4

33 hxg4 kf6

34 f4 1/2-1/2

The B.C.A. team













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