B.C.A. A.G.M. Congress 2009

This was held at the Midland Hotel, Derby,

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It was with some relief that, when we walked into the Hallmark Hotel, [formerly the Midland hotel], Derby, we found that the refurbishment, which had caused us such disruption and inconvenience in November, was completed.

Service was getting back to normal, but there is still a way to go before it is back to the standard we have come to expect from that hotel.

In all, there were 26 competitors, 14 in the open and 12 in the minor. We were pleased to welcome Jan Boer and Gerard De Lange from the Netherlands and a new member, Andy Smith in his first B.C.A. event. Our Arbiters, Julie Leonard and Peter Gibbs, as always, managed to run the tournament with the minimum of fuss.

The first two rounds of the open event went to form and in round 3 Graham Lilley and Tyson Mordue played out a draw, while Chris Ross clinched a win against Steve Burnell, leaving him half a point ahead of the field. David Hodgkins scored a credible draw against his higher rated opponent, Steve Hilton.

In the minor, Phil Smith was forging ahead with three wins having beaten George Phillips and seen his other main rival, Steve Brown loose to Jim Cuthbert. Chris Ross holding the A.G.M. trophy


Before the start of round 4, we learned Tyson Mordue had withdrawn from the tournament having scored 2,5 from 3. In round 4 of the open Chris Ross and Graham Lilley were drawn against each other and the result was a draw. This allowed Gerard de Lange, who was coming up on the rails to draw level with Graham, just half a point behind Chris.

Graham Lilley Open equal second

In the minor, Phil Smith clinched top spot with a game in hand when he defeated Steve Brown. Geoff Patching, who was recovering from a major operation, scored a fine win against Jim Cuthbert. Our new member, Andy Smith, had cause for celebration when he scored his first win in a B.C.A. event.

In the final round of the open, Graham Lilley and Gerard De Lange agreed a draw, allowing Chris Ross to offer a draw against tristram Cole, who accepted, leaving Chris the clear winner with 4/5, half a point ahead of Graham Lilley, Gerard De Lange and Steve Burnell. Gerard De Lange was the winner of grading group a and David Hodgkins won grading group b.

David Hodgkins Open Grading Prize B In the Minor, Phil Smith drew with Voldi Gailans in the final round, which gave him a clear win a point ahead of George Phillips. Voldi Gailans and Geoff Patching shared the grading prize a and Dorothy Hodges won grading prize b.

Steve Burnell Open equal second

As usual, we benefited greatly from the generous assistance of our helpers and associates. Moira Whittle raised 181 from a raffle which she organised during the weekend, which was a tremendous effort.

Gerard de Lange Open Grading Prize A

Below are a few notes from the annual general meeting of the Brail Chess Association.
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More pictures from 2009 AGM

Additions to committee reports.

The B.C.A. Gazette.

We've received sponsorship for the costs of the gazette for the next 2 years, this year from the Primary Club and next year from Sean O'brien.


Mark Kirkahm (audio resource coordinator) was to raise the matter of production of Braille chess books with the RNIB and possibly Scottish Braille Press. He was commended for putting the reports to the website and making things available online, which many had found useful.


Fundraising was going exceptionally well again this year.

Braille chess clocks and sets.A new Braille chess clock is possibly being produced in Germany, so we had suspended our project with the RNIB to have clocks adapted. Production of chess sets in the UK was about to begin.


We'd had a good response from advertising the association with societies for the blind, we just had to wait and see if members of those societies would join.


David Hodgkins (membership secretary) reported we had one new member.

The Grass-roots project.

The grass roots scheme had got off to an excellent start. It would be expanded to include first time trips to events abroad put on by other chess associations for the blind, this was partly to make up for our inability to organise “B internationals” due to cost.

The 4 Nations Chess League.

The team was doing well, especially since the first weekend had clashed with the Olympiad, meaning that Chris Ross (4NCL captain) had lost nearly all of his top players.

Correspondence chess.

The team in the British correspondence chess league had done very well last year, and Alec Crombie (chairman) had got the team off to an excellent start this year with 1.5-2 points. He was to take on the captaincy from David Hodkins.


A. The Steve Eastwick-Field memorial tournament would be played over 7 rounds not 6. What used to be the rest day would now consist of an outing and a game in the evening. If someone didn't want to play that day they could have a half-point bye.

B. Two clauses of the constitution were amended, one to allow associate junior members free subscriptions to the association until they were 18, one to allow remuneration to officers in special cases allowed under the charities act. It was stressed this last amendment was not a charter for all the committee to receive payment, only to cover emergency situations where semi-professional posts could not be filled by members and where those who did step in effectively provided a professional level of service.


The Committee was unchanged except for Gary Wickett becoming postal tournament director and Gill Smith becoming treasurer. Stan Lovell takes on junior development work. Mark Hague had retired from the post of tournament director to help out with organising over the board events.

Any other business.

A new member Andy Smith spoke about coaching by Skype and John Gallagher offered to help out anyone who wanted to find out about this and any other matters relating to chess software and accessibility.

B.C.A. A.G.M. Tournament 2009

Final placings:

1st place (and trophy): Chris Ross with 4/5.
2-4 place: Graham Lilley, Gerard De Lange and Steve Burnell with 3.5.
5-8 place: Les Whittle, Tristram Cole, Steve Hilton and David Hodgkins with 2.5/5.
9-10 place: Richard Murphy and John Gallagher with 2.
11-12 place: Jan Boer and Philip Gordon with 1.5.
13 place: Roger Waters with 1.
Tyson Mordue 2,5 from 3.

1st place: Phil Smith ,with 4.5/5.
2nd place: George Phillips with 3.5/5.
3-6 place: Orlando Sobers, Steve Brown, Voldi Gailans and Geoff Patching with 3/5.
7-8 place: Jim Cuthbert and Gary Wickett with 2.5/5.
9-10 place: John Osborne and Dorothy Hodges with 2/5.
11 place: Andy Smith with 1/5..
12 place: Richard Harrington 0/5.

B.C.A. Publicity officer.













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