BCA AGM Congress 2013

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BCA Brian Perham Memorial Tournament

15-17 March 2013, Hallmark Hotel, Derby

The 2013 AGM tournament was run in memory of the late Brian Perham, who was for a number of years a very popular and active member of the association.  Brian's two daughters, Vanessa and Alison, joined us for dinner on the Saturday evening accompanied by their husbands and their mother, Sue.

The five round chess tournament was started by the Mayor of the City of Derby who made a brief speech of welcome and made the first move on the top board.

Once again Derby Lions provided handsome trophies which their President presented to the top three in each of the two sections at the prize giving ceremony.   The event was very capably controlled by arbiters, Geoff Jones and Peter Gibbs, assisted by steward, Tristram Cole.

Ten contested the major open which, once again, was a run away victory for Chris Ross with the perfect score of 5 from 5, a point and a half ahead of Bill Armstrong with Steve Burnell in third place.  Grading prizes were awarded to: Ian Blencowe, David Hodgkins, Norman Andrews and Mark Kirkham.

Sixteen competed in the minor event where we were pleased to welcome three new members, Eleanor Tew, Alan Humphries and Maurice McLoughlin, to their first BCA event.   The eventual winner, on 4.5 from 5, was Voldi Gailans, followed by Gary Wickett 4 and George Phillips and Mark Hague 3.5.  Grading prizes were awarded to: Mark Hague, Dan Rugman, John Osborne, Eleanor Tew and Maurice McLoughlin.

Final scores:

Major open:

1. Chris Ross 5-5
2. Bill Armstrong 3.5-5
3. Steve Burnell 3-5
4/6. Ian Blencowe 2.5-5 David Hodgkins 2.5-5 Norman Andrews 2.5-5
7. Mark Kirkham 2-5
8/10. John Gallagher 1.5-5 Steve Brown 1.5-5 Roger Waters 1.5-5


1. Voldi Gailans 4.5-5
2. Gary Wickett 4-5
3/4. George Phillips 3.5-5 Mark Hague 3.5-5
5/9. Ian Blackmore 3-5 Jim Cuthbert 3-5 Andy Lee 3-5 Dan Rugman 3-5 John Osborne 3-5
10/13. Abi Baker 2-5 Maurice McLoughlin 2-5 Eleanor Tew 2-5 Denis Warren 2-5
14/15. Mike Lowery 1-5 Richard Harrington 1-5

16 Alan Humphries 0-3  Alan Humphries withdrew after round 3 due to an illness in his family.

Description: The Mayor and the Chairman have a friendly game

Description: Description: Trophies donated by Derby Lions Club

Description: Description: Preparing for battle on Sunday morning

Report of the 2013 AGM

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