BCA AGM Congress 2015

with sponsorship from The Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association

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John and Chris shared first place

John and Chris, winners of the AGM Congress 2015

John Gallagher and Chris Ross came equal first in the 2015 BCA AGM Tournament at Solihull with John winning the trophy on tie-break. They finished a clear one and a half points ahead of all other rivals.



Chris and John prepare for a game against each other in round 3


Chris and John prepare for a game against each other in round 3


Gary Wickett won the Challengers Section

Gary won the Challengers' Trophy

Gary Wickett won the Challengers outright with a creditable 100 per cent score of four out of four plus a half-point bye. Mark Hague and Voldi Gailans were close behind on 4, with Efe Shimwell, in his first BCA tournament, on 3 and a half.


Three other first-timers also took part in the tournament, Neda Koohnavard in the Open and John Ashurst and Jonathan Levitt in the Challengers'.

chess room in preparation for round 3


Full results were:


Open section:

Joint 1st Chris Ross and John Gallagher on 4.5 from 5

Joint 3rd Les Whittle, Steve Burnell, Mark Kirkham on 3, and Mark won grading prize A

Steve Brown and Roger Waters 2.5, Steve and Roger shared grading prize B

Bill Armstrong, Stan Lovell, Phil Gordon 2

Ian Blencowe 1

Neda Koohnavard 0


Challengers' section:

1st Gary Wickett on 4.5 from 5

Joint second Mark Hague and Voldi Gailans 4

Efe Shimwell 3.5, Efe won grading prize A

Dan Rugman, Ian Blackmore, Jim Cuthbert 3

George Phillips 2.5

John Osborne, Gill Smith, Michael Lowery, John Ashurst 2, John Osborne, Gill and Michael shared grading prize B and John Ashurst won grading prize C

Jonathan Levitt 1.5

Richard Harrington and Eleanor Tew 1


Mark Hague was placed second in the Challengers Section

Mark Hague is presented with his prize















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