Alternative Autumn Tournament

This event was held over Skype and by phone as an alternative to the autumn congress we would have held were it not for the COVID 19 pandemic. Our thanks to Gill Smith, Julie Leonard and Jerry Walsh for all the work they did putting this event together.

Julie writes:
In a very close finish, Paul Benson and Steve Hilton are in joint first place, with Steve narrowly winning the tournament on tie-break!  Stan Lovell finished in third place with 34 points.  The best performance by a player in the U1450 section goes to Malcolm Jones on 32 points.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Gerry and I would like to thank all of the competitors for taking part in such a friendly way.  This was our first remote weekend tournament combining games played by telephone and online but hopefully it won't be the last!  There were a lot of new things for us all to get used to but I think it's fair to say that it's been a really enjoyable weekend.  Some terrific chess has been played and people have enjoyed chatting with friends after the games as well as making new friends!

Once again, many thanks to our organiser, Gill, who's put in so much work and done a really terrific job! Thanks also to Lea Ryan for keeping time in some of the games and to Colin Chambers for stepping in to play friendly games with people who got a bye because there was no opponent for them.  Your help has been very much appreciated.

Final Scores

  1. Steve Hilton 38 (tie-break score 132)
  2. Paul Benson 38 (tie-break score 126)
  3. Stan Lovell 34
  4. Olivier Deville 32
  5. Malcolm Jones 32
  6. Mark Hague 30
  7. David Mabbs 28
  8. Steve Burnell 28
  9. Norman Wragg 26
  10. Mahendra Galani 24
  11. Bittor Ibanez 20
  12. Neda Koohnavard 20
  13. Gill Smith 20
  14. Tony Lawton 20
  15. Gary Wickett 14
  16. Voldi Gailans 14
  17. Nene (Estelita Clayton) 0